Prevention of Elder Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation - P.E.A.N.E.

P.E.A.N.E is community education and advocacy for the prevention of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. Call us today if you are interested in hosting a community education session with your local group, business or organization. Let us help you learn the signs as well as how and when to report a situation.

All older people are potential victims of Elder Abuse. While Elder abuse is occurring in many domestic and institutional settings, it is frequently not obvious. Particularly vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation and scams are elderly and disabled adults who are unable to provide for their daily needs or who are cognitively impaired.

Many victims are reluctant to tell anyone about the abuse because they may not see themselves as being exploited, or are ashamed that family members or caretakers, on whom they depend, have mistreated them. Victims often do not report abuse because they fear the consequences if help is taken away, or fear possible physical or emotional retaliation.

Livingston County Catholic Charities funded by Area Agency on Aging 1B has formed an Elder Abuse Coalition working hand in hand with The Liv. Co. Prosecutors office, Dept. of Health and Human Servcies - APS, Michigan Prosecutors Association, Ombudsman - AAA1-B, Crimes Victims Legal Assistance Project, Foguth Financial, Fowlerville Police Dept., Liv. Cty. Sheriff's Dept. and community volunteers. This group is working to educate the community, medical and banking professionals, seniors, family members and caregivers with regard to risk factors and community resources available to put a stop to such a crime

Elder Abuse Recovery Support Group

Elder Abuse Recovery Support Group.  Register today by calling Beth Newman, Prevention Specialist, at 517-545-5944 or e-mail beth@livingstoncatholiccharities.org

This is a new group where seniors can see they are not alone; a safe haven where they can talk about their abuse and know they are not going to be judged or ridiculed – they will feel safe sharing their stories. The professionals facilitating this group can help seniors find resources to help them continue on the path of healing and recovery.

Now meeting in-person:  The group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Masks optional and we will be practicing social distancing at this time.

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