Home Injury Control/Chore

Helping Seniors live safely and independently!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one-third of all seniors live by themselves. That is close to 14 million seniors aging alone. Livingston County Catholic Charities is here to support these Seniors. Call us today at (517) 545-5944 to find out how we can help.

Home Injury Control (HIC)

Providing adaptations to the home environment of an older adult to prevent or minimize the occurrence of injuries.  Does not include any structural or restorative home repairs. Tasks include installation or maintenance of the following:

  • Enhanced lighting 
  • Bathroom chairs and grab bars
  • Non-slip treatments
  • Vision or hearing adaptive devices
  • Stairway and/or hallway handrails
  • Smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors
Senior Services


Non-continuous household maintenance tasks intended to increase the safety of the older adult living at the residence.  Tasks include the following:

  • Replacing lights bulbs
  • Replacing door locks and window catches
  • Installing safety equipment (handheld shower heads, bedrails)
  • Installing screens and storm windows
  • Installing weather stripping around doors
  • Caulking windows
  • Repairing furniture
  • Installing window shades and curtain rods
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Cleaning attics and basements to remove fire and health hazards

 Weatherization Services for Seniors

VOLUNTEER:  Catholic Charities and local seniors need YOUR help!

Do you like to do basic home maintenance projects?  Would you like to see Livingston County seniors remain in their homes safely for as long as possible?

Livingston County Catholic Charities (LCCC) is looking for volunteers to support older adults by providing home maintenance and safety equipment installation in their home.  For an application or to ask questions, call Beth at 517-545-5944. Training is provided to volunteers.